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hi i'm clueless too


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looking for a wee bit of advice

decided to get a new printer most of the new ones look like they are back loading which might be awkward in space i've got so

1/ how do i find out if i have a wireless whatever installed on my computer


2/ is it just a wireless dongle i need or is it a special one

many thanks in advance

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How do you connect your computer to the internet just now? If you connect without a lead you probably don't need anything else.


If you are using a laptop it will almost certainly have wireless installed already. Some laptops have a switch to switch it on and off.


If your computer is a desktop you probably need to get a USB wireless dongle.


This is a link to setting up Windows to use wireless.



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I've never tried to set up a wireless printer myself but from reading the guide below it would appear that all you need is the printer itself and for your router to have wireless capabilities. You won't need a dongle for your computer and a wireless printer will have the necessary bits installed.



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