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Evening Classes

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This year's evening classes are now available on the brand new http://www.learnshetland.com/ website


Quite a few interesting offerings....

Thanks for that!. I have already seen one course that interests me (in a search that took all of 20 seconds). I would also add that I have enjoyed quite a few courses in recent years and in all of them I have learned things that I have used since.
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I know nothing on how it all works, but looking through the book i see a lot of things people used to do at clubs for free. Have they clocked on if they do it as a nightclass they get paid to do it? Do they get paid? I dont mind if they have a teaching qualification, how do we know if they do?

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Yes they do get paid for it. I don't know if it is still the case but it used to be for further education you only needed to be qualified in the subject you taught, teaching qualifications were not necessary.


That is entirely true. Courses are, however, monitored and quality is important. If a course is certificated there are always the requirements for presenting that course. For instance the ProTools Audio Software course on the list is taught by ProTools qualified people trained and authorised to deliver the official ProTools course. Adult Education do require a decent amount of verifiable information on their tutors and on the courses delivered.

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