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Speakers powered & fed from headphone jack?


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^^ For a computer, yes, but note he also wants to be able to use them with a Cd Walkman :wink:

Last time I heard o' wan o dem I wis byokkin' in a taxi. Although I think it wis a "WalkMin". Yep definitely a CD WalkMin.


Can I ask what the purpose of the speakers would be? Handy when you are doon by da banks, but if you are near a hoose den power isna an issue. Soonds lik da best plan wid be a decent set o' battery powered spikkers wie some rechargeables.

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^^ The purpose of the speakers was that I was being a bit too cheap and lazy for my own good. :oops:


Speakers for playing music off the computer at decent quality would get not a lot of use, due to the volume and hours I choose to listen to it I mostly use headphones, to do otherwise would see me become public enemy No. 1 around the top of Toab before one night was through. It would be handy sometimes to have decent speakers for it though, but it could hardly justify the cost of buying decent sounding speakers for that alone. However if they could double up and be used with a Walkman it would save me the expense and hassle of batteries and lugging around a CD/Radio/Cassette player anyplace I wanted it that had no power supply.


I've already accepted I'm looking at the impossible though, battery or mains powered speakers or lugging the CD/Radio/Cassette player around is six and two threes, no gain is possible there. So, I guess its down to deciding whether I dig deep :( :cry: :cry: and buy a set of decent sounding computer speakers to enjoy, or continue with the garbage I currently have which makes every track sound something akin to a horde of manic rats in a galvanised bucket. :evil: :evil:

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^^ They are mind-blowing though.


In the meantime, I just saw this elsewhere and immediately thought of this thread :






On a more serious note - if disturbing the neighbours is an issue but you like your sounds around the house, have you considered wireless headphones?

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Following on my previous post, I found a pair of "Mini Speakers, Ideal for MP3 players, ipods, DVD/CD players, Laptops, etc" in one of the Pound Shops today. Checked them out on my CD player and ... yep, they are truly vile. If you turn it up to full distortion level, they just about get over 60dB sound level - so if everyone else shuts up and the wind isn't blowing outside you can just about hear them.


If you want to hear them for yourself, GR, PM me your address and I'll stick them in a Jiffy bag (also available from the pound shop :) ) - I think it would nail the idea permanently for you. Certainly confirmed my pessimistic assumptions!

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GR, there's a thing advertised in an annoying little booklet which dropped out of my copy of next week's Radio Times. It looks about as close to perfection as you'll get. Quote:


The amazing Micro Cube speaker for iPods and MP3 players


This speaker measures only 2.6cm (1in) cubed and weighs only 16g, yet pumps out 0.8 watts of great quality sound - and the internal battery lasts for seven hours! Charge it via your USB computer port for 1 - 1.5 hours, plug it into the standard earphone socket on your iPod or MP3 player and then listen to your favourite music without earphones.


The picture (larger than life size!) shows a small black cube with an earphone plug moulded into one corner, the opposite end having a mini-USB socket and an on-off switch - not even a trailing wire to get in the way. The rrp is quoted as £19.99, or via the RT £14.99 for one or £19.99 for two. I suspect it's only a single (mono) speaker, but with only 1 inch to play with ... Or, get the two and make up a special cable or adaptor to split the channels between them.


Amazing. I'd know better than even to try making one that size, but there it is. Has to be worth a mention.


(Mods, please forgive this blatant advertising - it immediately reminded me of GR's query, and I have no connection with it or Radio Times at all (beyond buying the RT each week).)

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