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Bottled Water


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This is something I've often wondered about, since I find most bottled waters repulsive compared to Shetland tap water.


This is a trailer for an american documentary on the subject. Of course, as with any of these things, it is biased, but if you look past that at the facts they present, a little internet research shows nothing to the contrary.



I can find even less regarding standards, testing etc for bottled water in the UK. I do know, however, that public water supplies are tested just as stringently if not more so than the US.

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I don't like bottled water, I mean, I hate it when it says 'don't refill for hygenic reasons' and I think it is a waste of money for saying such a thing, what if someone is out of money or they're in a desert I mean it's so stupid and overall I hate bottled water because it's tasteless and nothing much is in it but just hydrogen and oxygen - are they nutrients?

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