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Guest CyprusPluto

Private lets are usually advertised on this site or in the local papers.


Another way is for you to put an advert in the local paper - Shetland News or Shetland Times.


Local Estate Agents don't usually have rental properties

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Hope you can find something although I do think you'll have trouble finding anything one bedroom for under £500 p/m!




I used to live in a shared house in Lerwick and I used to pay an insane amount of money.


Then I bought a flat, and now it costs even more money :cry:

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Why such stupid money for a one bed place!? I could get cheaper for Glasgow and in my area(Ayrshire). I assume it is down to demand various other factors?


Think this will really place a block on us as I would not feel good paying this amount per month for a one bedroom place.


another option is a swap as we currently live in a council place. However we've tried this months ago via Home swapper and found that the people in shetland wish to move within Shetland. So that draw a blank.

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Never thought of that.


However unsure what Tenancy agreement be.


Rather annoying that the idea of moving for 6 months to discover if we wish to move up all together is looking rather bleak.


I assume the housing register with the council will be jam packed? Somewbody told me to just go and declare homeless!!! As I have medical issues they have to cover me by Law.


That option is not one that appeals.

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