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cleaning tips needed

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While we’re at it - cat pee? Elderly Seafield-born pussy – as per my avatar – has lost the plot a bit and after 14 years of coming and going at will through the cat flap seems to have developed an aversion to going outside. We eventually twigged that a litter tray might help – like going back to nappies! – but not before a carpet had been liberally anointed in one corner.


I have tried an Australian ‘recipe’ I found online involving vinegar, bicarb, hydrogen peroxide and Fairy liquid – but the problem was it was a peerie start before we realised the deed had been done and so it had dried in. It stinks. Suggestions gratefully received.

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I buy a great product from Harry's in town called Elbow Grease, a good spray with that and a plastic scraper dealt with my cooker, and you can use it on just about anything. It's also used or at least was used in Voe Bakery so safe to use around food. Oh and Microwave cleaning is easy using this.

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For the cat pee I would try the steam cleaner followed by a liberal dose of bicarb o soda left overnight before hovering it and hopefully smell with it. Definatly avoid smelly cleaning products or the cat will be drawn back to remark his corner :?

Don't have a steam cleaner - we have however now put a lock on the door so he can't get in. Stable door - horse - bolted... :(

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