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cleaning tips needed

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So let me get this right you have had this cat for 14 years, think enough of him to use his likness for your avitar and now after a 'wee' accident you are loking him out!!!

No no no - not a wee accident - he has lost the plot and is winding down to be an ex-cat, very sadly. Attempting to spray all over the place. Vet says no point subjecting him to blood tests to see what is causing lethargy / lassitude / lack of former self as answers to all possibilities (kidney failure / thyroid/ diabetes) are both expensive and distressing. He has taken to mostly sleeping all day so we're just being nice to him. Interestingly, so is the junior cat who walked in and adopted us four years ago and used to be a bit of a bully - now, when the food is put down, he sits back and lets Filska eat first. 'Lock' to which I referred is cabin hook, fitted to upstairs bathroom door which has never in 20 years required to be locked from the outside!

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Thanks tlady. D'you think ordinary Ariel liquid would work? - don't have any washing powder but could always buy some.


Husband has just appeared to say he had forgotten to close downstairs bathroom door - at least that has vinyl flooring - and in has gone Filska quick as a flash and sprayed again. Husband is a fan of bleach - sounds as though I should be telling him not to use it?

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