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Driveway tarring?


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Holy tar chip and spray, what a thread! Tarring gangs might not go into details as above but some contact details for contractors are:


WHD Plant 880100 (neil)

MK Leslie 69 5060 (gary)

Garriock Bros 69 4765 (arthur)

Tulloch Developments 741427 (shaun)


All are very capable guys and will give you suggestions if unsure too.


Hope this helps.



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Guest Anonymous

My point SP is that you are quick to jump in pleepsin to the mods without even checking the link that was posted and I would wager that is not the first time you pleepsed to the mods about someone elses posts.

So like I said don't be surprised when someone decides to pull you up about your own posts that have more to do with trying to show how clever you are rather than actualy replying to the original post.


------------------NOT FIN BY A LONG SHOT-------------------

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Well it is now bobdahog, in this thread anyway. Thread locked, simples.


This was not a thread for arguing about the "he said, she said". It was a simple request for info about driveway tarring. You've had your differences, it doesn't matter really and I hope we can all let it drop.


Banzai, I hope you got the numbers of firms that were posted above.


If any of you wish to continue your slanging match, please do so using the private message function. Thank you. :wink:

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