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how much is land?

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Would love to buy a strip of land on one boundry of our garden from the crofter near us but would like to know roughly how much land in Sandwick (without planning permission) costs first before speaking to them seriously about it. Dont know if we will be able to afford it. Just want a strip 3m wide or so to plant boundry trees on. Am a gardening nut & would like some more shelter in the garden.




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The figure I was given by a local surveyor was anywhere between £5 and £10 per square meter, with smaller plots being more expensive.


The legal fees and such can run to being a lot too; possibly as much as £700 for the solicitor, particularly if there's decrofting involved. You might be expected to pay for the other party's legal fees too.

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Thanks for all the complements guys, made my day. :D Pictures are just of the best bits, the husbands scrap vehicle collection has edited out!

Here is a few more pics for those that are interested,












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At the risk of indeed taking over the thread, wouldn't it be nice if we had an open gardens week, say in June, where people could have a look and see what others are growing. They don't have to be fantastic gardens, but i think every gardener no matter how successful they are, is pleased when a passerby takes an interest in what they have grown. In Shetland especially, as it's twice the challenge, isn't it?


Seen it down south, all the gardens are listed with times they would are open to visitors. Gardeners are supposed to label as many varietes as possible. Some will make drinks and things. Visitors are asked not to take any cuttings themselves but to ask the owner.


I think it's a lovely way to share your garden and your achievements!

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Do you ever open up your garden to visitors?


I'm a keen gardener, and have managed to push my luck with exotic plants from Devon to Dundee, but I'm still trying to work out the completely different rules that the Shetland weather decides upon. If you have any tips I'd love to hear them!


Havent opened it, the husbands mess really is quite bad, but I am always happy to have people wander around that are interested. Dont claim to know all the plants latin names or anything though. Its always the plant that you cant remember the name of that people ask you about. Half think that when I get the garden 'finished' I might have an open day but of course a garden is never finished. Put the pergola in last summer but still want to put a patio in, re-do the pallet fence around the veg patch, make a few borders bigger etc etc etc.


The garden was a field when we moved back to Shetland after living in Fife where I started to Garden. There were three waist height willows & that was it really. Must have been 6 years or so now since we moved back....where does the time go? When I did move back I packed up most of my garden plants & took them with me despite being told by a few Shetland gardeners that the plants I was planning on bringing would never survive here. Happy to say that for the most part I have proved them wrong & other than one or two losses early on they have all survived the move. So my advice is it is always worth trying a plant. The key thing is shelter...hence wanting to plant more trees. Key tip for getting trees to do well is clear the grass from under them. Love the look of trees growing out of lawn but they grow four times as quick if you get rid of the grass.


Happy gardening.

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