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Hospedia or PatientLine - Woodend Hospital


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Off again to be cut up in Woodend Hospital. I may be some time.


Has anyone tried Hospedia (was Patientline) - internet, news, telly and phone provider?


What can you tell me? Was it any good A waste of time - the best thing since sliced bread?


Do you get a keyboard? Can you read and reply to emails and chat online?


Any knowledge/info gratefully received.


Thanks :wink:

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I've used Patient line a couple of times. Use email and internet. There is a keypad, it's small, but managable. From memory, keypad is approx 3" x 6".

I used headphones (they are provided), but wish I had taken my own.

It was a life saver in the middle of the night when you couldn't sleep!

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I was in ARI for a while 3 years ago and it was Patient Line. Found the keypad a pain to use but OKish. The internet side is limited to what you can use. No messenger or chat but normal browsing and emails was fine. Was a bit slow doing emails using the keypad but then I had plenty of time. The backup people was really good and any problems they were there fairly fast.

Found it a bit expensive but if you buy with your debit card instead of the tickets then you get free days.

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While visiting someone at ARI I had the pleasure of playing with one of these. Pretty basic setup which runs on a back-end of MS Windows CE. Much the same as what you get in the bigger airlines.


If you tinker with the buttons enough you can kill the Patientline front-end and have a tinker with Windows CE. When I had a look then they had Motherboard Monitor running in the background which I found quite strange as it is a relatively well known non-commercial piece of software and as such has no guarantees for stability. Development stopped in 2004 with a minor update in 2006.


Either way it seemed to do the job specified. I just wouldn't try running any sites heavy on flash/java through it or it is likely to choke.

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