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SFA Team of the year 2010


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GK:Paul Grant (cel)

RB:Richard Arthur (whal)

CB:Lewis Kay (spu)

CB:Duncan Fraser (whit)

LB:Poitr Drozdowski (whit)

RM:James Aitken (cel)

CM:James Johnston (spu)

CM:Keith Pearson (whal)

LM:Leighton Flaws (delt)

ST:Connel Gresham (spu)

ST:Stuart Shearer (whal)


Bench:Erik Peterson (ness), Ross Moncrieff (cel), Joe Pottinger (whal), Jordan Webb (cel), Paul molloy (whit)

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Gk - Erik Peterson (Ness Utd)

Def - Joe Pottinger (Whalsay)

Def - Duncan Fraser (Whitedale)

Def - Richard Arthur (Whalsay)

Def - Neil Hay (Delting)

Mid - Bryan Irvine (Whalsay)

Mid - Ross Jamieson (Delting)

Mid - Duncan Anderson (Whitedale)

Mid - James Aitken (Celtic)

Fwd - Jamie Wilson (Whitedale)

Fwd - Lowrie Simpson (Celtic)

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GK - Paul Grant (Celtic)

DL - Josie Kay (Spurs)

DR - Leighton Flaws (Delting)

DC - Joel Bradley (Celtic)

DC - Joe Pottinger (Whalsay)

ML - Bryan Irvine (Whalsay)

MR - James Aitken (Celtic)

MC - James Johnston (Spurs)

MC - Duncan Anderson (Whitedale)

ST - Jamie Wilson (Whitedale)

ST - Stuart Shearer (Whalsay)



subs: Craig Dinwoodie, Lewis Kay, Sam Ward, Joe Leask, Scott Morrison



That team would give JJ a run for his money.....!

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GK Erik Peterson (Ness Utd)

LB Josie Kay (Spurs)

CH Joe Pottinger (Whalsay)

CH John Montgomery (Whalsay)

RB Richard Arthur (Whalsay)

LM James Aitken (Celtic)

CM James Johnston (Spurs)

CM Duncan Anderson (Whitedale)

RM Leighton Flaws (Delting)

FW Jamie Wilson (Whitedale)

FW Scott Henderson (Scalloway)

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GK Grant Thomson Whalsay

CB Joel Bradley Celtic

CB John Montgomery Whalsay

CB Richard Arthur Whalsay

RM Leighton Flaws

CM Karl Williamson Whalsay

CM James Johnston Spurs

CM Keith Pearson Whalsay

LM Bryan Irvine Whalsay

S Joe Leask Celtic



Duncan Fraser Whitedale

Andrew Flett Scalloway

Scott Morrison Spurs

Laurence Pearson Scalloway

Erik Peterson Ness Utd

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Gazza8 is obviously confedant, hes only got 10 players!


Best 11 (3-5-2) as chosen by me brother:


Eric Peterson Ness


Merv Jamieson Delting

John Montgomery Whalsay

Richard Arthur Whalsay


Leighton Flaws Delting

Karl Williamson Whalsay

Ross Jamieson Delting

Ben Laurenson Thistle

Piotr Drozdowski Whitedale


Jamie Wilson Whitedale

Eric Thomson Unst


Subs: Grant Thompson Whalsay

Craig Leslie Ness

Andrew Flett Scalloway

James Aitken Celtic

Connel Greshem Spurs

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