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Rayburn expert please?


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Can anyone recommend a Rayburn expert who could come and have a look and poke at my oil-fired Rayburn. It seems to be running a bit hot despite being on its lowest setting, and having the lowest oil drip allowance.


I don't suddenly believe it has become more efficient and then find it has got through twice the amount of fuel by going too fast.




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Graham Keith on Yell fixed ours. He's the only accredited one on the islands.


01957 702003


Can be a bit hard to get hold of, but did a great job of claening and sorting ours. Did a bit of plumbing too while he was at it - did a good job.


Would be interested to find out about yours running hot... On the lowest setting on ours, with heating pump off, it was so hot we had to keep on running away the water, and the cold tank upstairs was also boiling hot from the overflow into the into it! I opened the door to it and it was a sauna!! It got turned off again...

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We didn't manage to get hold of Graham Keith at all last year and just had to light our Rayburn without a service.


As now it really needs doing, we need to find a backup. I'm sure I heard somewhere about a guy from Orkney who comes over when he has a few on Shetland that need doing.


There is a name on the Rayburn site and I was going to contact them but it also says Pressure Jet OIl cookers only, and that's not mine! The details are:

Orkney Aggregates

Unit 1
Grainshore Road
Hatston Industrial Estate
Orkney Isles
KW15 1FL

01856 879054


Does anyone know if these are the ones who come to Shetland, and if so what is the name of the engineer? Alternatively if it's someone else, does anyone have a name and contact for him? Thanks :)

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