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Champions League Final


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The game will go either 2 ways, Arsenal will scrape a win or Barca will rip them apart.


If Barcelona score early - goodnight Arsenal. Arsenal have not been behind in a Champions League match in the knockout stages. I have severe doubts as whether or not they can come out and beat a team in a one legged affair. If Barca DO take the lead, I think Arsenal will have to come out and be totally exposed - hence I think they may take a hounding.


It looks like they will play Henry as a lone striker to try and nick a goal - then watch them sit on their lead. However, I cannot see Barcelona not scoring so it looks like they are going to have to score 2 if they stand a chance.


I'm gonna probably look like a moron tomorrow.... but in my opinion, I bet we see Henry disappear in this game...

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It looks like they will play Henry as a lone striker to try and nick a goal


Definitely. All this nonsense about Arsenal's wonderful flowing football - sporadically away to Madrid and home to Juventus, yes, and against poor Premiership sides, yes. But they were incredibly defensive in their approach against Villareal and were soooooooooo lucky to get away with it. I hope they get hammered, just to see the look on Wenger's face.

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