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local produce markets and LETS


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... up here ...

Interesting. Is it typical to refer to your region as being "up"? I presume this is because you are in the Bavarian Alps. I usually tend to think of "up" and "down" in terms of latitude, but altitude is certainly more logical. Mind you, I'm sitting at sea-level and couldn't see myself thinking "down here." As I said, interesting to ponder.

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it's used both ways in Germany


but you are right it might be unusual in your language the way I used it


Probably a remainder of old school English

"hier bei uns" (word-for-word translated but not proper English "here at us") is usually translated "up here" and never "down here".


As long as you can understand (somehow...) the dumb Kraut :wink: who's actually really quite close to the Alps and about 700m above sea-level

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that is indeed interesting!

And it underlines my personal experiences.


When we lived in Stornoway (that was after 1983) luckily not all the farmers knew this (or perhaps didn't care), so one could still buy it.


It was actually in Scotland when I discovered the taste and the advantages of raw milk. After returning back to Germany I kept on drinking raw milk.


I used to have in fact problems with neurodermitis and allergies before, but that disappeared completely many years ago. Could well be that one of the reasons is the milk...


Pasteurised milk is allright to put in a cup of coffee but for drinking :roll:

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