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mobile phone coverage


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of course we have mobile phone coverage... we not that deprived!


Well we are :lol: deep in deprived Southern Bavaria


since I would have to drive about 4 km to get a signal for the mobile phone I am very confident now that my family will be able to reach me on the islands :wink:

but they will have to use an ordinary phone ... living in deprived Bavaria

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which provider is best is probably not so important as long as there is one. I suppose my Eplus will just book in what's available for roaming.


I wouldn't even mind if there was no cover (being not a friend of radio masts everywhere) it's just that I would like to know before anyone at home goes crazy because they cannot reach me.

If there is a poor coverage and one knows before it's possible to arrange something else...


being complete clueness about modern technology: does the phone work on the North boat? I guess not...

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Ok, it might not be the best in the northern isles, but it does work in more than just the south end.. It works as far up as north roe, and that's about as far north as you can go on the mainland.


My mate has a contract phone with orange and hates it, no signal anywhere other than the south end. If he stands on the street he struggles to get 2 bars! Whit use is dat noo!

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Thanks DizzyKipper


This explains it - the nearest base station shown to me is, eh, hmmm, oh, gosh, Lerwick, where there are two base stations shown together. Nothing shown in Brea or anywhere else north of Lerwick. Why is there nothing more? Do people up around here not use mobiles or is the base station perhaps, just perhaps, too expensive per head of population in this area!!!

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