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CCTV vigilantes - Catching Shoplifters!

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As the nights draw in and there is not much to do of an evening.

CCTV vigilantes sprung to mind!

For your membership - whatever one you take out.

You can view four cameras in the hope of catching shoplifters!

I don't agree with it. But it did make me laugh!

Will also make you a few quid if interested!

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I don't agree with it.

I agree with you there, though it didn't make me laugh so much as weep for the civilised country we used to live in.


There's a similar sort of "Stasi for kids" scheme starting up in the US. Neighbours looking out for neighbours - ok, good. Anonymous snooping on everyone everywhere - seriously not ok.

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It made me laugh as Britain has become so wrong!

What folk would do for a few quid?


This is ridiculous.

Nottingham Council take a Cherry Picker and remove the conkers from a Sycamore tree..


A child had been seriously hurt by a stick falling out the tree not a conker!

Another stupid story making headlines..http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-11455677

Lancashire ladies not allowed to distribute their cakes!


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