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Between Weathers

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This always struck me as a "prospecting" production looking for funding. Shetland with it's generous history of cultural funding and an active investing community looked the ideal location.


They clearly haven't managed to secure the funding required for their project.


Otherwise where is it?

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Anyone who is or has been involved in film production even on a very small scale understands the challenges and the time it can take to bring an idea to fruition. With the current state of the economy not helping I for one am not surprised it's taking time. It might never get made but then it might !

To put things into perspective I suggest you read about the struggles and the time it took for a Sir Richard Attenburgh to make Ghandi. It sort of puts things in perspective. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gandhi_(film)

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I approached B4 films in 2013 asking for their prospectus for potential investors in this film; Chris Brown responded to tell me that although they had a prospectus, it hadn't been released yet.  I've heard no more from him, so believe that remains the situation.


Earlier, in 2011 Gwiym Gibbons responded to concerns I expressed (that potential Shetland investors were being misled as to the liklihood of seeing a return on their investment) by saying "Between Weathers is a major commercial feature film with a range of distribution and screening rights deals already in place", a claim I thought utterly implausible.


Jim Brown has never directed a feature and B4 Films (his tv production company) have never produced one thus far; somehow I doubt that Between Weathers is going to change that statistic.



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