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uses for feathers?

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If they were dry you could stuff pillows, bousters or quilts with them. Could potentially be used as bedding for some animal I suppose. Other than that, on the midden with them, they'll rot down for manure.


I rather favour the councillor suggestion though, I might even find some tar to donate. :wink:

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If they are of nice colours you could sell them to fly fishermen via ebay.I have a lady who takes white goose feathers and full wing ends to make North American Indian fans etc and Wicca artefacts. White goose feathers are a symbol of protection and she sells her stuff for a pretty penny after they have been decorated or made into stuff.

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Guest Anonymous

not much use as insulation as they would rot, bugs idea is quite good if you had a couple of million birds but seeing as you dont then compost is probably the best. do you have ony grice this year? they wid likly eat them as they eat pretty much anything.

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