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Sullom Voe Construction

Kavi Ugl

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Hello all.


I am very interested in the development of the oil industry in Shetland, and in particular the oil boom years(late 70s-80s) when the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal was being constructed but there seems to be a complete dearth of photos and film from it.


Does anybody know where I can see or find photos of the oil boom years both at Sullom Voe and Lerwick harbour?.


I've tried the Shetland Museum photo archive but there's not just an awful lot on there and I do have Tom Kidd's book.


Thanks very much for any info.



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Kavi - I know a guy who has a box full of the "Sullom Voe Scene" - a Monthly magazine printed during the constuction days and beyond, containing stories and photos from day one. I've seen some of them and they have lot's of photo's of locals and places etc,

pm me and I'll give you his number

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Thanks very much for all your replies :)


Yes, I've seen some of the Sullom Voe Scene magazines and they're excellent.


Cheers for the blackgoldtide link - I'll have a look after posting this.


I actually have decent sized collection of film and photos of the oil industry from the mid 90s and but what I'd love to have is some stuff from the 80s into the early 90s.


I'm looking more for the industrial/in action side of it like ships, trucks and cranes rather than people.



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Here's a few pics from construction days at SVT - plenty of old cranes and stuff in action here.


A view of the back of the Power Station.



The two Emulsion Break Tanks under construction.



Looking down over the Process area with Stab 1 and pipetrack founds still being laid.



One of the Pre Assembled Units that were shipped in over the construction jetty - this is an Exchanger PAU.



Crude storage tanks under construction.



The concrete lined containment bund being put in place around a crude storage tank.



Another earlier view over the Process area showing the huge amount of work that went on below ground level.


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Kavi if your undertaking a serious project (muckle lik SVT was) then speak to Dennis or John Coutts. Their firm was commissioned as the "official photographers" during the SVT construction phase. There were thousands of photos taken and no doubt their archive will hold what you need.

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I have an old 16mm film by BP titled 'Sullom Voe Project', I've never watched it (lacking a suitable projector..), I'm guessing it's the same film that the museum have on loop. I am planning to get it copied to DVD, just never got around to it yet.


I've also got a box of Sullom Voe scene's - but laterly they were a bit people focussed.


I had intended to try to get a full set of Sullom Voe scenes and scan them onto a DVD - maybe even website, so if anyone has any old Sullom Voe scene's they like to sell or donate, drop me a PM. I know the Lerwick library have a full set but they've been bound and can't really be scanned.

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Apologies for the late reply but those are some fantastic old photos Skyumpi :D


Is that a big A-frame crane I see in the background of picture 2?.


Infiltrator, it would be absolutely fantastic if you did set up a website. I believe that Shetland's oil industry certainly merits it's own website. It's something I would love to have the time and skill to do but sadly have neither.


I have previously enquired at Dennis Coutts but was told that they had to hand over all the photos to BP as part of the contract.

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