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Recovering files from old HDD - Help please...

Far Haaf

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I've just bought an external case for an old HDD in the hope of getting some files transferred from it.

The drive is connected OK but I'm not sure how to transfer the files I want (mostly pictures).

Is there special software I have to use, or am I missing something simple?


Switching on a light is technical to me, so simple answers please. :) :)

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With Windows click on the start button the My Computer. The external hard drive should show up as external drive something or other. Click on the drive and find the files you want. Highlight them then use something like copy and paste or send to my document to transfer them to the computer.

Or something like that.

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If you want to copy them across there's a few ways but I'd do:


1. Go to Start then to My Computer

2. Open the old HD (keep this window open)

3. Go back to Start and open My Computer again and open the new hard drive

4. You should now have both hard drives open as windows, and then it's just a case of click'n'drag!

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More than likely they will be hiding in your Documents & Settings folder. Have a poke around in there and you should find a folder that relates to the user name on the old pc. Open that and you should see some familiar folders (My Documents etc...).


Various versions of Windows differ but without more information it is difficult to say.


You could also try using the excellent WinDirStat software which will give you a graphical representation of where all the files are hiding.

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