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One way ticket to Mars, anyone?


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This is quite interesting, NASA have started a project called Hundred Years Starship, with the goal of colonising Mars and making it fit for regular human habitation.


To kick it off, they would send four people first to start setting up, getting supplies sent regularly from Earth. The bit in the small print is that for these first four astronauts it would be a one way trip, as it would be too costly and would take too long to bring them back.


So folks, what are your thoughts - would you sacrifice your life to be the first human being to set foot on another planet, knowing that you would never get back to mother Earth again and experience quite literally the trip of a lifetime, or is it all a complete waste of human life, money and resources and we should concentrate on clearing up the mess we're making of this planet before we look at ruining another one?


Answers on a postcard........

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I watched Moon, the 2009 film by Duncan Jones recently. That put me off any kind of notions like this.


Its the most disturbing sci-fi film I've seen since I saw Silent Running in about 1976. I was only little then but I was completely hysterical after watching it and couldnt even talk about SR sensibly until fairly recently.


Both explore similar concepts of people who are cut off in space, theres something I must find very scary about the idea of being completely abandoned by my race. Which is odd as I'm pretty anti-social really.

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I'll nominate the Royal Family.... :lol:

Along with all the other royal families globally :P



This NASA plan is utterly foolish.


As a long-time supporter of space-colonization, I'm outraged by NASA's childish behavior.


Here is an actual organization dedicated to humans on Mars:



Mars Direct: Humans to Mars in 10 years.

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