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Phone call fail


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Not posted here for a while, but a funny thing happened to me today, I thought deserved sharing. Probably one of those "you had to be there" moments, but here goes anyway.


Spent two hours staring at the (cripplingly slow) internet today, looking for industrial springs (please don't ask why), with a work colleague. With a bamboozling range of various (very dull) technical specifications of rather expensive springs, and a serious need to choose the right ones, we finally plumped for what we needed. Being the one holding the purse strings, I got the company credit card at the ready, and made the call.


Girl at sales desk: "Hello, you've reached Springmaster, you're through to **** this afternoon, how can I help you."


What I intended to say at this point was "Hi, do you sell small volumes of springs" (I thought they maybe only did bulk orders).


What came out was. "Hi, do you smell....". Then realising my mistake, I paused, which didn't help things. Then tried to backtrack and explain myself, but now instantly helplessly screaming hysterical laughter at her, whilst desperately trying to convey that I am NOT a prank caller and I really DO seriously want to order springs... But that just made me sound even more like a prank caller


Had to pass the phone and my bank card to my horrified colleague so that he could take over placing the order, but despite that wir Stewart managed several seconds of being very serious and conveying part numbers in his very best "knepping" voice, this seemed to send the girl from Springmaster completely over the edge into dissolved hysterics as well.


And that set off all her colleagues...


The next ten minutes found me, the Springmaster sales team, and wir Stewart, all desperately fighting very tearful eruptions of hysterics whilst trying to conclude the order. Never in all my days have my bank card details and delivery address seemed so ridiculous.

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