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Should I Waxoyl my car?


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Hi, it has been suggested that I Waxoyl my new (second-hand) car. Does anyone here have any experience with Waxoyl? I have a few questions...


1 - Is it worth it, (does it help prevent rust)?

2 - Is it expensive?

3 - Is it best to elk it on with a paintbrush or a high pressure sprayer.

4 - Any one know a garage that will do it (the car seems to have plastic underneath which would presumably need to be taken off).



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Don't leave home without it!


Good policy to waxoyl or tetrosyl the car ever two or three years, especially if you intend to keep it a while. It makes a huge difference.


You can also thin it by adding a but of white spirit in areas where you want it to run, when spraying. Helps with 'fiddly' bits that you can't reach all around.

You can also mix it with engine oil to eke it out further and some knowledgeable folks reckon this will further improve slippage and overall benefit in the long term


It may be a few hours of abject misery getting filthy under the car, but by god it's satisfying afterward. :wink:


Highly recommend.

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Oh, and if spraying, wear old clothes under boiler suit - it will get through - wear old toorie, cover neck, wear goggles and surgical gloves. Cloth across mouth is fine, or particle mask if you prefer. Not because the stuff is harmful*, it's just a bloody pest getting it off again.



*If diluting with white spirit wear proper filtered mask, to avoid inhaling vapour and spray in very well ventilated area, and don't over-dilute!

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