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Any of you ever played this:




Theres no real instructions and I'm not going to tell you anything. Quite a frustrating game. The end sequence also .... well ... you'll just have to play it to find out ;)

I got totally addicted to this for a couple of days. I finally sussed it tonight and I see what you mean about the end sequence. :wink: Great little game. :D

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I've just spent the entire night playing it.... so nearly got it!


I think I'll start taking notes.


That's what i thought, and did, but that's what made it really, really really annoying. It's not the easiest thing in the world to summarize.....well, the way i did it anyway. :(


(i was so close too)


[edit] HOORRAAYYY! Just got it! Thank heaven for that, how did i no get it afore? It only took me three attempts yun time :? Too much time taking notes i fear. :wink: [/edit]

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