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Go from "Atlanta" to Paris, "France" using Google





1. Go to www.google.com


2. Click on maps.


3. Click on get directions.


4. Go from "Atlanta" to "Paris, France".


5. Scroll down in the directions to at number 22.


6. Laugh and


then re-post this ASAP so other people can enjoy... before they change



I hear there's a Chuck Norris going every week. Book early as there is limited beard hold room due to expert trimming. Passengers are advised attempts to travel by his ankles or wrists is entirely at their own risk, no further warnings will be given by chuck.



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According to every world atlas, the islands are situated in a mysterious little box just outside of Aberdeen alongside Orkney. The Box of Mystery is thought to be an ancient sea wall built in the Moray Firth by the Emperor Hadrian to keep Vikings out in the 1700's. However, it was demolished in the 1970's to create the offshore Beatrice Field, a large field of reclaimed land where potatos are now grown offshore to avoid winter frosts onshore.
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