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Shetland end to end ?


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Just a wee thought.


I am thinking about training for a Shetland end to end challenge. (about 74 miles) Maybe starting from Sumburgh light house and finishing at Hermaness.

Also thinking about swimming the narrowest points between Mainland and Yell and Yell and Unst. Would need to time it right for the tides and have a support boat. It is about 2km swim to Yell with a wee island in the middle for a rest? then another 1km from Yell to Unst.


Anybody know of this being done before? Are there records set?


I was hoping to run most of it off road as that's the kind of running I enjoy.


May attempt it next summer if I get in enough training this winter . Anybody fancy coming along??

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Guest CyprusPluto

That's a long way in a car & ferry. Very impressive to even think about it. Good luck.


If I came I'd collapse just before I reached the airport, so perhaps not the best running buddy

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I'd definitely go for a Muckle Flugga finish, but not a Fair Isle start, no idea why :lol:


For the swims unless you've got 'ethical' reasons I'd got for wearing fins and a light triathlon wetsuit for speed and bouyancy.


Have pm'd you as you've got me thinking of a cycle and kayak/swim. MAy be do it at the same time?


Wanted to do the Shetland to Faroe row but seem I mised the boat :roll:


Bet of luck with it and keep us updated



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Before I became the old git that I am today, I completed 32 full marathons (including 14 London marathons) plus hundreds of shorter distance events.

Just completing the marathon distance was always challenging enough for me so what the original poster is suggesting to do is to be admired.

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Thanks for your responses. Any body fancy doing some pace work? thinking about doing 26ish miles a day for 3 days as first attempt . or could offer me some overnight accommodation at about Mossbank, South end Yell area. may need a bath and a massage :)



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Meant to say...


Considering weather and tides are going to be the major issue for the swims you might be best going north to south so you can do the swims on day 1 when you know what the conditions are exactly.


Planning (hoping) the conditions will be as forecast 3 days a head for the Yell sound swim might be hoping too much.


Think I'd be watching the weather for the first good window for wind/swell and tide and make that my first day. Once you're on Shetland that worrry is out the way, you can slog on what ever the weather then.


My two penneth anyway...

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But what about the prevailing southerly winds? would hate to be on the hill tops for 50 miles into the wind.


Thanks for the offer of accommodation :D


There is a small island at the north of the sound that would break up the swim into 2x 1k sections. still tides would be nightmare. Think I should attempt the run first and then the run/ swim next year if I can still walk!

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