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Flybe excess baggage charges...


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We are going on holiday next month and I am thinking of possibly attempting to increase my baggage allowance by a few kilos in case we want to buy a few things and bring them home with us to Shetland.

The Flybe website states:


Excess baggage is carried on a standby basis only. Carriage will only take place if there is sufficient space available in the aircraft hold and will be subject to a charge (currently £12 (€14, 20CHF) per kilo for the first 3 kilos £15 (€17, 25CHF) per kilo for between 4 and 6 kilos and £20 (€23, 34CHF) for every kilo there after). Charges may vary for franchise or code share routes not operated by Flybe, and will be applied at the prevailing rate when payment is made.


Assuming there is sufficient space on the flight back to Sumburgh, is there a way to carry the items in our luggage at a cheaper rate than this if we prepay? We have already paid for the flight itself online. I am reading the charges to be £66 (2 x £12 + 3 x £15) for our estimated 5 kgs excess. This sounds a bloody lot! We would be flying back from Glasgow, btw.


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daveh wrote

Charges may vary for franchise or code share routes not operated by Flybe, and will be applied at the prevailing rate when payment is made.
Being the kind caring person that I am (or maybe just because I am bored waiting for my meal to cook) I have located the data you require which is here http://www.loganair.co.uk/service-info/flybe/baggage
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Problem solved at



See the table below for prices of our low cost Standard Parcels service, including packages of various different weights.

Maximum weight Price

2kg £4.41

4kg £7.06

6kg £9.58

8kg £11.74

10kg £12.61

20kg £14.69

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What you have found there, are Flybe's baggage charges, which are totally different to Loganair's charges.

Loganair rules are as follows


If you have baggage in excess of your free allowance, it will only be accepted if space is available at a charge of £10. Any additional pieces of luggage will be charged at £10.


Excess Baggage will only be carried subject to space being available. If your excess baggage travels unaccompanied on another flight, you are responsible for collecting this upon its arrival at the final destination.


You are better off paying for a second bag, you pay £10 for the second bag and it can be 20kg. Do be aware about it having to go on standby though if not enough space on flight.

Also, check in with plenty of time to spare, as you are sent to a different desk in Glasgow to pay.


Hope that all makes sense!


Hope this helps! :D :D

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Thanks, folks.


I was looking at the Flybe website so the £10 Loganair is very good in comparison.

Could I clarify one thing, though? If I go out with a bag weighing 20kg and want to bring back an extra 5kg in the same bag, is it correct I would not be allowed to do so?

Am I correct in reading that I would have no option other than to purchase another bag, when I am away, in which to carry the additional 5kg in, paying £10 to get it on the plane if there is the space?



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I think that unless you have purchased an expensive "Flybe Economy Plus" ticket you are limited to your 20kg plus your 6kg hand baggage (and whatever you can stuff into your pockets). Excess baggage only carried subject to space and having to go back to Sumburgh to collect it if it travels on a different flight so maybe worth thinking of posting it to yourself.


Reading the Loganair site I think that if the space (and weight limits) on the plane were ok you could check in a bag up to 30kg but if they could not carry your excess on your flight you would need something else to pack the excess in.


Now I do sort of sympathise with airlines. Planes have limited space for luggage and can carry a limited weight. Next time you get to an airport just have a look at the sort of luggage some people expect to take with them and you may well get to understand their problems.

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Many thanks for the advice here !


To sum up, I will go out from Sumburgh with a bag weighing no more than 20kg but, should I come back with the same bag weighing (say) 25kg, I need to pay a flat rate of £10 at a separate counter at Glasgow airport before checking in. As the bag weighs in excess of the £20kg, but not more than 30kg, Flybe could actually advise me that they will transport the bag on a subsequent flight if there is no room for it on my flight.


That is how I am reading it from the comments made. I will assume that my reading of it is correct unless I read otherwise.


Thank you all once again.

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Thanks again, Sharalea.


At the moment, we are deciding which of our motley collection of cases to take. Some of them weigh up to 5 kilos even before you put a pair of socks in them. We have several of the larger lightweight bag-types, with wheels, but they don't stand up too kindly to being thrown around a lot!



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