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Save Shetland Coastguard


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While I am all for a healthy debate, I am taken aback by some of the comments made on a public forum by those purporting to be representatives of Her Majesty's Coastguard.


I can only assume there is no code of conduct for that agency, which is a shame, as, imho, the insulting and inflammatory remarks written here are ungentlemanly, unprofessional, and unbecoming to H.M. Coastguard as a whole.

Just to clarify, Brink is talking about YOU, Mustaffa Donut!!!

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Who said i was a Coastguard? Did I?



Nope. It's one of the many questions you've refused so far to respond to. Perhaps if you adopted a more concilliatory tone and actually read, understood and replied to what is being posted here, you might make some progress.


Otherwise what can you expect us to do other than make assumptions?

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Wonder what the press would make of the MCA resorting to the desperate tactics of trolling on internet fora and also the potentially unlawful use of MCA IT systems (Blue Boss etc) in the furtherance of that aim.......can't see it showing them in a positive light somehow


I reckon he is a blood pressure pill salesman who was missing his targets in Lerwick. By getting annoyed with him you are giving him what he wants - attention and a reaction, funnily enough most of us grow out of this bullying when we grow up. Don't give him what he wants folks. :wink:

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I will put this one to you again since you didn't answer me last time


To mustaffa donut how sure can you both be sure that the MOCs and the links to the aerial sites will not suffer communications failures or glitches do you have any knowledge on the high tech system that will underpin this all and how resillent it will be afterall the seafarers offshore and members of the public on the coast will be totally reliant upon it all working correctly and not being prone to any failures. Please share if you do and enlighten us all [/size]

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man its been hours now and donut can't even find some folk of grola.

God help us all if that is the standard of the coastguard that we will get in the future.


With that in mind can doo tell me precisely whar Grola is so I can avoid it next time I'm aff in da punt. I'm ne'r heard o' da place.

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The MCA Press Office should be closed as it is absolutely useless and a complete waste of time and money. It does absolutely nothing to promote HM Coastguard and is frankly woeful when you compare it to, for example, the RNLI press machine, who successfully communicate to the public what it is they do. Furthermore the Press Dept. is full of numpties who can't spell and have appalling grammar, if you don't believe me, take a look here and have a read of some of this drivel:




Now that seems pretty unfair to people trying to do their job in the eye of a storm. The MCA Press Office produces about 400 press releases a year, the vast majority grammatically correct. The level of spelling on this Forum leaves a lot to be desired, so should people in glass houses throw stones? Or is it because they are not peddling your line over the proposed closures?


Crap in, crap out. If CGs rely on press officers to make sense of their log entries then its hardly fair to criticise them when they can't make sense of the story narrative. If a press release is cleared for release by the senior CG before release why doesn't he or she pick up any errors? Or perhaps they can't be bothered to read them?


But just dealing with CG stories is not the whole story. The MCA deal with many other areas of concern which necessarily also take Communications time.


The RNLI are a very different kettle of fish. Their well staffed Comms department is tied in closely to fund raising. Their media is everything to them in `tin rattling'. Do you really expect the MCA to publicize tow job after tow job? Just look at the RNLI's press page. Its endless.


Thats very different to the MCA who are given a sum of money to use by the Department of Transport. Stories the MCA publish need to be viable, relevant and cogent. Seems to me they tick the box.

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