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Garages - Fiat dealership

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I am thinking about buying a Fiat.


There is no dealership up here.


What is the deal on buying a brand new car under warranty but not being able to get it serviced? Will any professional garage be able to cover the warranty or do you have to take it back to the original garage or a Fiat garage?


(and before someone says why a Fiat, I want a Fiat Panda 4x4 - are there any other small 1.2 4x4 around?)

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When my fiat needed something done, (fiat recalled it) I put it to aberdeen as freight and arnold clark picked it up and took it back to the boat. They paid for it because it had been recalled but it was still a frap because they had to keep it longer and i had to change bookings etc.


So I reckon it would be too expensive to put it south, plus don't think the panda 4x4 gets too great reviews?? But me and my panda are great pals and she's quite good in the snow!

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Suzuki SX4 has a 4wd version, petrol and diesel.


Has a Fiat engine (from Fiat Sedici), may even be built in same plant in Hungary. Depreciates just as fast as a Fiat.


Was thinking about one for myself but was not impressed with clunky 6-speed gearbox and really heavy steering.


Leasks have a few in. I'm not "into" cars at all, so if you find something suitable please share thoughts!

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