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A 'Thank You' thread


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Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to all the folk who have braved the weather, and still do each day, to keep our services running as smoothly as possible.


In no particular order, and hoping others add to the list, here are some of the folk who deserve special mention:-


The gritter drivers, and their support crews.


The posties for making that extra effort, and working extra days, to clear the backlog and fight the elements.


The electricians and people out in the very worst of the winter keeping us all in power as much as possible.


The ferry crews and the airport staff who must be up to their eyes trying to keep folk moving at this very busy time of year.


The fire brigade and the police for having to deal with some nasty accidents and situations.


It is VERY much appreciated, and we may not always say it, but we value your help and work a great deal!

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I would like to thank the folk of Lerwick for looking out for my Dad as he wandered the streets. He is safely housed in a care home now and can have his last few years with a bit of dignity.

Alzheimer's is an unforgiving illness and without the support of those around you life can be a mass of confusion.

I would like to thank those folk who my Dad helped "tidy up" in particular Ian and Lydia.

For those who have noticed he is not around he is happy, settled and safe. He is in excellent hands and my thanks should also go to those in Social Care who looked after him, looked out for him and now care for him at Viewforth.

It has been an odd year for us all.

Please, look after your folk, treat them with kindness and give them the lift they may need.

And in this weather, check on the folk who may need a little help in your street.

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An extra Thank You to the Posties struggling along with frozen feet and fingers, trying to get a hold of things as thin as cards when there's no feeling left in your hands is not easy, or pleasant!


Also, a thank you to the Undertakers and Gravediggers, Ministers & Kirk Officers who have to cope outside during sad occasions too.


A big hand for all the crofters, farmers and all the folk who struggle out to look after animals, whether it's hens, sheep, kye, or folk who work in the Cattery / Kennels.


Much appreciation for the the Dairymen, Milk Tanker drivers & Milk deliverers too- keeping us supplied with the lovely Shetland Milk!

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