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tall ships


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Stilldellin thanks for photos friends and family south are lovin them .


Glad they are appreciated Keedle, no doubt there are zillions of pics on Facebook. Here is another from thursday of some " Shalders " waiting on the Wylde Swan coming in the " Sooth Mooth ".. :wink:


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where do these rumours come from! £4.00 a pint really? its 3.20 normally anyhow lol


heard a rumour yesterday that pubs were open to 4am lol! not true



Yup, and £3.20 is still too steep in my opinion never mind £4! lol

he rumour came from someone who'd been out in the pubs on friday afternoon, they said it was £4 for a pint of lager and £3 for a nip.


If it's true then I wonder if they'll put the prices back to £3.20 after the event or will they do the same as last time Shetland hosted the tall ships and add on 20-30 pence?

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Not quite London prices, though close, maybe Manchester.


Dunno where you drink in London but my old neighbours still paying £2.80 a pint!


An average pint in Britain has topped £3 following a 4p rise in the budget – according to official government figures.


In London the average price of a pint – at £4.06



Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/120654-a-night-on-drugs-cheaper-than-going-to-the-pub#ixzz1Sx1YvqfK

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Didna make Bjorn Again, was a bit miffed about having to hang around until 11.00 to get in through the gates yesterday morning. This is what greets you when waiting to get in.:-


Not exacty a great impression of Lerwick to my mind anyway !

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My first Tall Ships so far so good! Weather is a bummer but hey ho.

I would love to ask the amazing Fiona Dally and Co the following...

If we want to promote Shetland & we all bang on about "Pride of Place" why the hell is the Shetland Craft Stalls not on Victoria Pier?

Other locals I have spoken to in past days, didn't even know there are stalls on Alexandra Wharf! It's a sad day when locals are shafted to one side, in favour of Reindeer Skins, German Sausages, Olives etc....

Many local crafters only get to Showcase there wares at a few sizeable events, and work really hard in the lead up to such events. I know most of these folk won't say anything to the Tall Ships committee, as usual they will grin & bear it like true professionals they are. I hope they learn lessons from

this, I'll not hold my breath though!

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Having a whale of a time too. Bar better at Bjorn Again last night. Bigger crowd too. Rock Salt & Nails brilliant last night, as was Bjorn Again.


We and a lot of others, took 'water' with us and we also had hip flasks too. keeps the cold oot!


Excelent night, lot more familys there i thought, although the Levelers was good for the people who like them, i thought last night was better as it was more 'family' night'.


The bar on the first night was usless and far too small for the numbers there, and when you eventualy got served and you came out you got stuck with the crowd waching the show..


Where i think if they had had the Bar down the bottom end of the feild this would have eased the presure.


We did think the man at the end of last night trying to get the crowd to buy more dring while the bar is open a bit strange - is he getting a cut?


At the end of the day its been a great weekend

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I think the stalls should reflect the visiting nations. It is supposed to be a cultural event.


Oh, for those who cannot find the contact details, there here...if folk have suggestions, good or bad they should pass them on to the organisers, how else will they improve next time, it would always be a guessing game.



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