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A question to you hirsute individuals that has always intrigued my maximum 3 day growth head - Do you shampoo a beard or just use soap or what? Does it make any odds?


Always wondered. :wink:


It just gets washed along with the face, it's the quickest and easiest. I've never tried using shampoo, so I don't know if it's better or worse. Never ever had a full shave in the 26 or so years most folk have told me I should have one either though, but there's a lady out there doing her damndest to change all that....So, if she's of mind, that shampoo could come in to play as well. 8O

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I would love to shave my head and grow a beard but, being single at the moment, i suspected that doing so would probably cause me to remain so. Seems my suspicions may be well founded :wink:


Every man should be allowed to fulfill that "moustache feeling" at some time in his life though. I haven't yet but it's in there, and i just know it's gonna get the better of me eventually.


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Be careful what you wish for....


With the passing years the head seems more and more determined to shave itself, and the displaced foilage seems equally determined to manifest itself in a thicker faster growing beard. So you tend to get the shaved head full beard look, whether you want it or not. :?

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