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Razor or electric?


I tend to use both, but the wet shave outnumbers the electric by about 20 to one, i only use the electric when i'm running late, or can't be arsed to wet shave first thing.


Is an electric shave ever as good as that "Mach3" feeling?


Disclaimer: there are other quality brands of razor available and probably just as good :wink:

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I did that for years, in fact my electric razor is even waterproof, but someone convinced me that stubble/washing issue was a bad idea so i stopped.


For the lazier man, with time on his hands, shaving in the bath is good, alledgedly, so long as you use a bowl to rinse the razor in :? never really tried.

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I have had one for years. I just got fed up of the feeling you get after a shave where it feels as though the skin is on fire.


Positives: Keeps you warm in winter, acts as a disguise, my gf likes men with "texture", not shaving daily, no more blades and foam/gel/after shave lotion.


Negatives: Grooming it every week to keep the birds from nesting in it, egg rolls with soft centres, productive head colds, rashes on the inside of the thighs :wink:


Women love them or they hate them, but if they whinge just see if they will shave every day!

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Having never really exceeded the 3-day shave limit before, I thought it would be funny (I went home and became helpless for a week) to leave it and shave in a handlebar 'tache. I think it's funny as hell... infact, I think I'll leave it for a month to reach full glory. What do you think? Handlebar moustache's - Cool, or sh*t?



a) "Graphic Designer, you could look no finer"


B) Gay, but cool. 8)


c) No. Not cool. You're just making yourself look like a fool.

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