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Carpet Cleaners


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We hired one from Shetland Cleaning Services.. they are based in Bigton I think but the steam cleaner can be collected from the Viking bus garage.


We had no problems.. was relatively cheap, very effective and they seemed fine to deal with. Have just checked and their no is 01950 422319 according to shetlopaedia


It didn't take at all long, dried overnight and when you see how much dirt u get out, you wonder why people don't all steam clean atleast annually


Good luck



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hi, i recently hired one from frank williamsons for £20.

Unfortunately i think it had been used to clean up something nasty and not been cleaned afterwards so my living room carpet started to smell really bad after cleaning. then it got worse, spreading through the house and i had to pull up the carpet and underlay and dump it.

According to the assistant at williamsons they have never heard of this before and it is some sort of reaction with the detergent and underlay!

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