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I was going to post this up on its own. but thought it might be interesting to see what music software/hardware people are playing around with.


Just came across this tonight and think it is great for for anyone wanting to perhaps liven up a party atmosphere without much messing around.




You can also set it up as a remote through your smartphone doesnt allow the fucntion to search through your music on your phone tho but you can easily solve that by creating a playlist before starting the VJing up.


Other Software I have played with in the line of Vj'n is VJamm3 and resolume.. both have there pros n cons but ive not palyed enough to give a proper report on but over all i like the feel of Vjamm3 just wish i had a bigger libary fo clips to play around with and experiment further.


As far as DJ'n I am using Traktor3 LE through a Berhinger BCD 3000 ( thanks to the person who gave me a loan of it to play around with ;) ) which i am loving it is a huge improvement on the Hecules I was using through Virtual DJ, Virtual Dj is very easy to play with. and a good startign tool as it automates just about everything so very easy to knock up mixes without really thinking, traktor allows the Dj far more freedom helped greatly by the BCD3000 controller, I would never claim it is the same as vinyl but as far as mixing with mp3's it is as close as you are going to get IMO without spendign mega bucks on MP3 controllers and more toys.


It is years since i played around with software for creating your own beats so hopefully others can fill in the blanks there with thier opinions aswell as adding commetns on other VJ'n/Dj'n software/hardware


Look forward to hearing others opinions.


Oh yeah and nicked from Number 7's thread


I want these also :P




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Good thread


As far as sampling goes, i use Ableton Live. I use it to make mashups and sampled hip hop beats. Its a pretty amazing bit of software, and alot of people i know use it mix and match beats live, although i havn't really gotten the grasp of that aspect yet. Im no DJ though.


I use FL Studio (formelly Fruity Loops) when it comes to making original beats/songs. I've used it for years, and it still holds up. The samples that are included sound reletively cheap and nasty, but with VST's and collecting your own samples to use, its pretty powerful.

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here is jis a small fraction of what reason 5.0 can do


Reason 5 Live DJ mixing with Remote SL


Reason v 5


also on native instruments (makers of traktor)


Booka Shade on Maschine


Speedy J & Chris Liebing NATIVE INSTRUMENTS LIVE!!



Jeremy Ellis performing on Maschine


and from allen & heath


deadmau5 vs. xone 3d


duck how did i forget serato


serato scratch live tutorial 1

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also the best of mike relm using various platforms


DJ Mike Relm - YouTube Live






Sarah Palin: Mike Relm Remix! - Key Of Awesome #7



Mike Relm Remixes Old Spice


Mike Relm - They Shot The Rubber


Mike Relm: Iron Man 2 RMX

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I use 2 x Technics 1210 mk5's, 1 x Technics 1210 mk2 with a Behringer DJX 750 mixer. i will never variate to cds or mp3, i have used every method of mixin and vinyl will never be beaten for me. i also hate mp3 quality sound, the bitrates do my head in. PLUS vinyl is so much easier to mix when you mixin drum and bass, coz its all 8 bar loops. For producing im using Reason 4. I have had a go on cubase, logic and fruity loops and for me reason is just so much easier to get along with.


To check out my productions click here http://www.soundcloud.com/gndrecords


Enjoy ;)

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I invested in the Traktor control S4 back in November, and never looking back. Amazing piece of technology, endless amount of creativity offered at your finger tips.


10 out of 10 for the hardware, the digital controller offers a simple lay out and easy set up. It features a 4 deck mixer and out-put channels. Unlimited effects depending on software updates, as well as the snap feature but to mention a few. Best thing has to be the loop recorder though, having so much fun with it at the mo. You also have 8 available sample decks.


As for the S4 software that is specifically designed for the hardware.. could say a bad word about it. Greatest thing about this new product for me though has to be the fact that, unlike other digital controllers hooked up to your mac or laptop, you don't have to mess about with the laptop when you're playing music, the decks offer browsing and selection buttons that simply let you select and loads tracks, ensuring you never have to take your hands away from the decks.





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That does look very lush, if only i knew how to work it like Ean Golden ;o)


I posed a question else where about controllers and this was pointed out to me.




must say the all in one unit still appeals to me but by all that ive read so far the dennon seems to work like a dream only down side is you need to buy 2 and a mixer.

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