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I'm on a very old Windows box tonight (XP before SPII), one of those wipe it and start again jobs but can't 'cos theres lots of stuff you've never archived on it kinda thing going on.


See Firefox on this box ( ), ooh for the slow. I actually thought that there was some sort of virus or trojan or something quite not right going on and eating the CPU cycles and bandwidth. How utterly sloooooow!


Been watching me packets now for some time and theres nothing untoward. Cleaned the box. Yet still Firefox eats between 60-70% of the CPU!!


Just downloaded K-Meleon for the first time and installed it after typing in "light browser" into google. Man this thing flys!


I would recommend this browser to anyone interested. Compact and fast. It runs on the Gecko engine that all Mozilla based browsers do so is certainly "with the times". Excellent choice I'd say!


^^ With reference to the above the installation of Firefox I have on my new laptop now is as slow as a slug. This one isn't eating up CPU cycles ... but the rendering time of pages is making me very close to screaming! Again I have moved onto K-Meleon because of it!




I have no idea why? I can't find any explanation as to why firefox is now running soooooo slooooooow!

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I don't know if it's the same issue I am having Trout, but ever since I got the latest upgrade a couple of weeks ago (v. an in-house thin-client application I use has had serious refresh issues with certain operations. I believe the refresh does eventually happen, but never have the patience to wait for it.


Hasn't affected normal browsing though.

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Could be ... I'm on from only about a week ago.




It's been noted particularly that I was blocked from this website for apparent DDoS attacks eminating from my browser ... as in it was pulling multiple-multiple simultaneous threads and triggering the server to temporarily block me?!? Server manny :(



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I heard once that firefox starts trickle-downloading from every link on each page you visit. So that if you happen to click on one of them you've already got a head-start (or could it be to bolster usage statistics....). Suppose that might look like a (poor) attempt to flood a server :?:

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Claims and reality can be very different beasts!


Whit a godless piece o software. Its peerie things lik bein able tae simply resize da window properly dat goes such a lang waye tae makin things user freendly.


I wis tasked wi gettin tae keen it fur support purposes, but personally da best advice is get rid o it an go back tae IE :)

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