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Clive's Record Shop

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There's not much i can add to what people have already said about Clive's and the level of service he provided for music buyers in Shetland, the shop truly was one of the best independant record stores in the country and Clive one of the most knowledgable music retailers you will ever meet.


I hope he can succesfully downscale the business and carry on in a more specialised capacity, perhaps even bringing in second hand stock again, as i'm sure there is still demand for this type of business in Shetland.


Whatever happens, I wish Clive the best of luck.


Hear, hear.

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^^Shetland_Boys, do you honestly think small independent shops like Clive's can compete with the likes of Amazon?

I disagree, some blame should go towards the likes of Amazon, Play.com and yes Tesco. These companies have an unfair advantage by exploiting a VAT tax loophole so they can afford to sell their CD's extra cheap.




I for one will be saddened to see the end of Clives. First started buying cassette tapes of him when he was still up Burns Lane, and then in the 90's he was almost always successful in hunting down the obscure dance vinyl I pestered him to get for me.

Maybe some folk a happy to shop for music in a supermarket or online store but for a few pence more I'd be much more happy to a see a local business prosper.

As someone earlier said. Use it or lose it.

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I used to buy from clives untill i discovered the internet do everything at almost half the price or less and free delivery, tescos has nothing to do with it, i think people should stop blaming tescos and blame the shops for charging crazy prices .

Agreed. Certainly in the sense of Clives, I have never bought a CD or DVD from Tesco. I think I used to when Somerfield was here. I'm an amazon user. We all - even business owners - want the best prices to make the most money. It's just a shame that the government taxes business like they do, artificially inflating the prices.

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Does Tom Morton believe it is acceptable to place posts under the same name where he acts as an official council spokesperson, then publicly post the advice he has given to a local business. I would have thought it could be viewed as a sackable offence.


Patrick, great to have you back from your vacation.... from Shetlink. Hope the Castle isn't too cold and draughty upon your return. :)


I should think Tom is entitled to his opinion as a member of the un-regulated press and as an individual. Clive's will be a big miss. I too have shopped at Clive's since he was at the "Sooth End." I don't recall him being opposite the Lodberry. Was he not more opposite the Queens or the beach next to the Queens? Quite a long time ago now.

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I think it was the shop with the blue paintwork in this view but it could be one of the ones farther in to the Queens.




It was in the smaller building with the blue paintwork - the one with the trailer outside.


Before that he was in Burns Lane, where the Folk Festival shop is now

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^^ http://photos.shetland-museum.org.uk/image.php?i=37900&r=2&t=4&x=1


You could barely turn around from standing at one wall without bumping in to the opposite wall, but he had a fouth of gear in the place.


That is a picture of my favourite record shop ever. For all the size of it, he always had or could get what you wanted. But even getting inside the shop some days was a problem!

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