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Clive's Record Shop

Guest metallica man

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I'd sooner pay a local outfit a bit more, especially when it came to produce that is sourced in Shetland, eg: meat, fish, veg.


OK - that is your choice.

I have no problem with that. However, others who may wish to bag a bargain, particularly if they are on a tight budget, should have the choice also. If they didn't go to Tesco, they would perhaps go online.

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Its always a shame when shops anywhere have to be closed down, this shop is not the 1st and wont be the last. Life changes, think how many grosers shops were on the street before liptons or the coop came to shetland. Same goes with tv/music/clothes shops. Its us (not tescos, Primart, Play or Amazon etc) by using them deside what shops are needed here or not.


People vote with their feet, and they have every right to do so, no mater where they go, pleepsing about something no one wants is no help to the shops needing the sales.


I know I and everyone i know goes daft when they go on the mainland shopping. Dont you?


I will go where i think service, price, customer service etc is the best value for the item im looking for. sometime you can find that in Shetland so i always have a look first. If its not there then I'm more than happy to get it posted up.


Im sure if the people thats shouting looked in there own house they will find some catalouge or another, out doing the locals.


I do think if the shop rates on the street were cheaper that would be a great help on keeping prices closer to mainland prices


its all swings and roundabouts

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Sad for Clives but the world is changing and CDs/DVDs can be bought on-line from the comfort of my computer chair and usually at a price lower than high street shops are charging. Yes there was the thing about being able to buy a CD and take it home to listen to it right away but with MP3 downloads even that advantage is being withered away. And where the big boys like Amazon do not stock CDs from local bands it is usually possible to buy direct from the bands website.


Still see one limited opening for a CD seller on the street. Selling local CDs to locals and tourists. In a shop with other tourist related goods. Yes I know High Level music has some local music as do a few other shops but it needs putting together in one single place.

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Im not sure the problem of clives is just down to Tesco's, Amazon, Ebay etc. I think it is simply down to the fact that the whole street has a reputation for being overpriced, or just full of charity shops or places to eat!!!!! I havn't been in clives for a good while, and it was an excellant wee shop, but so is the music box!! But hey, I rarely even go on the street now, I shop online or shop when I go sooth, if I do go to the street, it is because I am after something specific!!!!!

The problem is people just dont want to pay high prices anymore, and where as we are being told that you can get 3 dvd's for £20 in clives now, this has not always been the case.


The street needs to be utterly re vamped!!! Franchises for shops sooth need to be seriously considered for here in Shetland, the cooncil needs to seriously look at the dying trend of shopping on the street, BEFORE other business owners go bust!!!!


Untill that time, and untill prices fall in line wi sooth, it still remains cheaper for me to shop online, even with postage added!!!!!

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