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Mumford and Sons

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Thanks to everyone who came to the gig on Wednesday night, created a fantastic atmosphere in the hall and made a memorable night for those of us involved with the gig and rest assured for the band themselves as well.


They were delighted with their trip to Shetland and with the reception they got both at the gig and while they were here in general. It very much looks like they will be back at sometime in the future.


And finally the secret gig. No it's not in Shetland I can assure you. I've no idea where it is but it's not here that's for sure.


Cheers again and watch this space for more gigs - hopefully in the not too distant future.

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I wouldn't worry too much - I have seen plenty bands play on rivalries before - Manchester audience are better than Birmingham etc . Having said that there was at least one ass near the front that was being a total turd with his heckling. If it was funny it would have been ok, but it was just really unnecessary and disrespectful.

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I have to agree that some of the ones at the front were out of order! I felt embarrassed when Rachel was singing as they were deliberately shouting over her singing. I also couldn't believe the amount of chatting was going on over the performances if folk wanted to just go out for a pint and a yarn they should have went to the pub and left tickets for those who wanted to hear the band!

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There's a person called selkie72 that's posted a number of Mumford songs from the concert on youtube. They're pretty good quality - I'd like to know what sort of camera he was using to get such decent quality video given the typical poor lighting at concerts.


Concert looked incredible, they're pretty high on my hitlist of must see bands.

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