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Coming to Shetland by plane


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Dont rule out Yell. The main road from Ulsta to unst is almost the equvalent of a motorway which only takes you from A to B. There are beautiful and interesting places off the main road eg Breckon beach West Sandwick beach, the Old Haa museum with homebakes to die for (but closed on Mondays and Fridays), walks eg to Ladies Hole to see the puffins and loads more.Not forgetting the Aywick shop (aka Harrods of the North)


wow!!! i can't wait!!!

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May I suggest that you don't rule hiring a car out as an option. Have a look at a resonable map of shetland. Look at the scale, shetland is not small, then look at bus timetables and see how little you can access, also note that if going out of town many areas would require an overnight stay. Smaller bus routes may no longer exist, so always check before you try to catch a bus in the middle of nowhere

Unless you are a keen cyclist don't be fooled. Those hills may not be high but they are steep.


yes, but i will stay in lerwick for 5 or 6 days only, then move to other places and stay in b&bs or camp sites.

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"I personally wouldnt spend time in yell as you see most of it as you travel through it to get to Unst. Im sure some others here might disagree with me."


thats a bold statement twarto! as posted above west Sandwick and Brecken are some of the most highly rated beaches in shetland! some lovely shops and great local friendly people and events, the east road is a great glimpse of the northern isles with some great spots!


think this post is greatly swayed by peoples bias (and no i'm not from yell) anywhere you go has its individual appeal and if your willing to find it you'll enjoy yourself wherever!


have a nice holiday!

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no I am not Italian (sono tedesca) but for decades I went to the Lago di Santa Croce for windsurfing every weekend.


Don't be afraid of driving on the "wrong" side of the road. It would definitely not be a good idea to try it in the dense London traffic for the first time, but in Shetland it won't be a problem at all. Just follow the other cars for a start... they are (usually :wink: ) driving where they are supposed to.

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If you have not seen this website before it has a lot of information on Shetland




Monty's Bistro is able to provide vegan food on request.




Da Bod in Hillswick is a vegetarian cafe but it is only opn at weekends




thank you very much for your suggestions.

do some b&bs also serve dinner?

are there places to eat close to the b&bs located in the countryside?

I'd check with Jan at the Booth in Hillswick first -01806 503348 - as their website may be out of date. I was under the impression the vegetarian café (which was great) hasn't been open for the last few years and that last summer the Booth was open in the afternoons for teas & light snacks only and as a bit of a sanctuary for folks to sit by the peat fire, have a look at some Shetland books, see the quaint old building, etc.

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