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Shetland Football 2011

Junior Baiano

Who will win the 2011 G&S Flooring Premier League?  

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  1. 1. Who will win the 2011 G&S Flooring Premier League?

    • Spurs
    • Whalsay
    • Delting
    • Celtic
    • Whitedale
    • Ness
    • Thistle
    • Scalloway

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Parish cup draw?


This year's draw in full:


Preliminary Round (14th May)


Bressay v Cunningsburgh


Whitedale v Westside



Quarter Finals (18th June)


Yell v Southend


Sandwick v Unst


Whitedale or Westside v Delting


Whalsay v Bressay or Cunningsburgh



Semi Finals (16th July)


Whalsay/Bressay/Cunningsburgh v Yell/Southend


Sandwick/Unst v Whitedale/Westside/Delting



Final (20th August)



Ties to be played on these dates unless both clubs agree to an alternative date.

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If you have specific issues with the performance of a referee, then the proper way to address it is to submit them to the association along with a £10 fee where they will be considered after reading the ref's report and discussing the game with the club representative's involved in the match.


The incorrect way to go about it is to post on here anonymously because you are personally unhappy about a decision, you won't be the first or the last person to be unhappy with a referee's decision, but the way you are going around it is one reason why at the moment there is lack of qualified referee's in Shetland and a real risk that games won't be played due to a lack of them.


Then you will probably be on here moaning because you had travelled miles to a game and it was cancelled funnily enough due to a lack of a qualified ref.

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Is there a tad of sore-losserness coming out there?


If refs in the EPL, SPL, CP an EC are getting things wrong with some having 5 officials i think its high time the Ref's in Shetland are given a break from the stick they get game in game out and given more praise!!


I also Agree that this thread should be kept for football results throughout the season

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What happened with this game? I was keen to go and watch the game but was told as early as Tuesday morning by a Spurs player the game was off due to a Wedding.

Then on the news it said Delting could not feild a team.


According to the Shetland news website, Delting have lost the points for failing to field a team.



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