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Shetland Football- Last 5 Years.....

Dusty Rhodes

Have the changes in Shetland Football in the last 5 years been good or bad?  

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  1. 1. Have the changes in Shetland Football in the last 5 years been good or bad?

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I mind three year ago playing Delting in Brae and losing a game 12-1 with our B team, they played a couple of named A players if I recall rightly, cant say I was overly chuffed at the result but as i said before thats football for you and they played the game within the rules agreed by all clubs.


You cant change it to allow players to play for two different clubs in the same association so you need to get it ammended so teams cant play any named A players. What you need to do is get a proposal into the next AGM and get enough votes to put it through, it would help if Unst or those teams wanting a change had positions on the committee so that as well as their club vote they can count on a vote from a position like fixture secretary or discipline secretary say which would give it more chance of success.

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neil didna play dat many games for unst in the B's last season.

only about 3-4 then joined thistle.

unst shouldna moan coz they hav not had anybody at the last 2 SFA meeting's.

even the big meeting to try an sort oot members so there could be a fitba season this season.


the reason unst didna hav a rep at the EGM was that our manager was away south at that time and other people were unavailable due to travel snd time commitments, this was unfortunate and something Unst do try to avoid. The earlier meeting had no Unst rep because of a communication mix up after the change of management team.


Unst will hopefully have someone in attendance at future meetings.

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