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Can anyone help?


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Needing a little advice.....


We've had to have a re-jig of rooms in the house to make a new bedroom, and now the hub is too far away from the main pc, so doesn't pic up the wireless. Can't move the hub, as it needs to be wired through the telly to get the internet tv and there is also no phone line in the new "office".


Anyone know of how i could boost the signal through the house so the pc could pick it up? I have seen adapters that help it travel through the electricity, but just wondered if anybody had any thoughts.



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You could either use a wireless extender like this.




The other option is to convert your 240v sockets to network ports by using these.




I use the NETGEAR 200Mbps Powerline Adapter in my home because its so easy. just plug it in and you're away. It all just depends if its desktop pcs or laptops you want to connect. If you want the freedom of having no cables attached then a wireless extender would be best. But if its just for a desktop computer then the powerline adapter should do the job. You can also buy single powerline adapters, to add more devices to the network.


Somebody else may give better advice but thats what I use and it works for me! :lol:

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I have used the NetGear system described above and it is excellent.


Easy, quick, and does what it says on the tin (well box, to be accurate ;))


Wireless extenders are of variable quality, in my experience, and may also not be so secure (allowing other folk nearby to log into your network), and can cause interference with other equipment (they shouldn't but sometimes they do).


The technology is always improving, and new solutions are always appearing, but NetGear may be your best bet for the moment.


Hope this helps.

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Have you tried powerline adapters?


In fact if you have BT Vision (which I think you do judging by your post), you should have got some with it.


They send network signals through the power lines of your house.


Meaning you could plug one powerline adapter in at your hub, and one at your computer and then you essentially get a network socket at your computer.

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