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Kavi Ugl

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Hello fellow Shetlinkers,


I'm looking for some photo/computer help which might save me a trip into the Camera Shop damoarn.


I recieved a cd of photos today as a gift but sadly I can't get the photos viewed at all. I notice that they don't seem to be in jpeg form but are .RW2 or something?.


I've even given it to a family member who's a bit more savvy with computers than me but they can't make anything of it either and have tried I believe to convert the files ? :(


Any suggestions what I can do, or is this something the Camera Centre might be able to fix?.


Thanks very much in advance.



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Sounds like the camera is saving them in RAW format, is it a Panasonic?


Just did a quick search and I can see a few converters here...






Not sure if one/all of these are free but I would have thought so.


I would think the camera shop could read and convert these for you,.


Hope this helps :-)

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Hi Romeo and thanks so much for your (speedy)reply.


I tried the contenta one myself but not knowing really what to do didn't get that far with it.


It's a bit late in the night for me now to work with it(the joy of early starts) but I'll see what happens damoarn.


Thanks again,



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