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He/she is obviously going to be very "diplomatic" and give a "diplomatic" reply!.


What could be done if a decent group of councillors are voted in next year is to send a delegation to Norway for exploratory talks.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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heheh it wil b a braaly diplomatic email dats fur shoor! hae ta email da newspaepirs in norwa i doot....


:lol: desint..cooncilirs! ha whar du yu fin dem at!? less fur da twartre dat hae common sens aboot tings an da majority a bunch o haaf-wits!! is dir onybody oot yundir dat wi cin vote fur dat his SHAETLANs interests in mind an noo joost whit dae cin git fur demsels an da mighty toon?!


haed on....na towt i wis gaen ta ha da feelgood factir daer!

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Judging by todays events and many trips to Norway I would say they would be more than happy to have us back in the fold


Yes, I saw them and what struck me was what a cheery and happy group of people they were. Smiling, waving and a really positive attitude from them.


And I was so glad to see many Norwegian flags being flown today - even one in Voe!.


To think that things could be so, so much better for Shetland.....

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Guest Anonymous
And who would run the islands surly not the crooks in the Town Hall.

500k on expanses. Just imagine what they could scam of the top into Swiss bank accounts if there were no one to look at the books.


I've said it before and I'll say it again there are many many Shetland expats running multi national companies even running countries (and for a socialist she did not too bad) and the ones I know personally would come home if we had more say over our own affairs. There is quite few multi millionaires who would move home in a heartbeat and pay tax if we were separate from the UK. (even if we were back in Norwegian control paying their tax)

There are a lot of capable Shetlanders still living here that would stand up and be counted if we were separate, but why bother standing for the council when they can earn a hell of a lot more in the private sector (or as a council employee).

The sorry fact is as long as we are being fed the crumbs from our own table our political elite will be the same useless twats we've had for the last 500 odd years

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I really dont think an alliance with Norway is the way forward, how many of us speak Norwegian?

I have been to Norway a few times and not many of them have even heard of the Shetland Islands, one did say it was a little stone in the North Sea!

Having said that, I live in England now and not many of those even know where it is, so I guess there's bad in both camps.

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