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I would guess that if a breeder is VAT registered then VAT is chargeable on the sale although it would be nice if this was pointed out before the sale. If the person selling a pony is not VAT registered then it is an offence to claim to be charging VAT and HMRC would doubtless be interested. So check for that VAT number on the paperwork and ask for a VAT receipt. Remember it is not unheard of for people to quote a false VAT number so check with HMRC if in doubt.


Meanwhile if your sister was to decide to sell the pony she must not add VAT to the selling price (unless she is VAT registered as a pony seller) although of course she can try to get back the full sum that she paid for the beast.

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^^ Yup, its as absurd to the point that if you buy or sell sheep with wool attached to them the sale is zero rated for VAT, but as soon as that wool is shorn off them and sold seperately, you gotta charge the Brokers or whoever 20%.


Oh, how I love being forced to be an unpaid tax collector for Her Majesty's "finest"....NOT! :evil:

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