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Deportation of Sakchai Makao


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I would just like to give my support to Sakchai and his family.

I have known Sakchai for a number of years through my son and of lately as a member of our pool team. He is a pleasant and friendly young guy, who in a moment of madness got himself in trouble acouple of years ago, which resulted in him going to prison ( this was totally out of character) The way he has been treated is bang out of order. Sakchai has not got a bad bone in his body.

Hope to see you back in Shetland soon Sakchai then we can get some pool practice in.

All the best Louis

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I dont know sakchai personally, but i have friends who do, and i know he has a hell of a lot of good friends up here who are all behind him, just wanted to show my support, he deserves to be back here in shetland where he belongs and i hope hes back soon x

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I wrote this to both my MPs down here in England (the one at home and the one at Uni):


Dear Andrew Smith, [and Evan Harris]


I am writing to express my urgent and extreme concern regarding a young man who is currently en-route to deportation from Shetland to Thailand. Sakchai Makao, who at age 23 has lived in Shetland for the past thirteen years, has no family in Thailand, and does not even speak Thai, had his home in Lerwick raided by immigration officials with a view to his deportation. This is all due to the fact that he was charged with a rather foolish 'fire-raising' whilst drunk a few years ago. He is a well liked member of the Lerwick community and represented Shetland in last year's Island Games. There has been a massive local outpouring of support for him, and as someone who spends quite a bit of time in Shetland, I would like to lend my support by contacting you in the hope that you will do the same.


I strongly urge you to support Shetland & Orkney's MP, Alistair Carmichael in his efforts to secure legal aid for Sakchai and to question the statistics-driven witch-hunt designed to make up for recent embarrassments on the deportation issue. While concerns regarding the failure to deport dangerous criminals are certainly valid, each case must be judged on its individual merits and this particular case certainly does not merit the deportation of this well-liked Shetlander.


Many thanks for your attention,

- - [me]

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The Herald - May 16 2006


..David Davis, shadow home secretary, asked when the prime minister's undertaking to "automatically" deport every foreign national who had served a prison sentence would be met.


Mr Reid said: "I cannot give you, five days into my position, a date by which that will be achieved but I can assure you that is my strategic objective."


sounds like the 'stategic objective' is to introduce sweeping, poorly conceived legislation in an effort to be seen to be dealing with the issue of the day and steal the thunder of the rabid right wing xenophobes who are gaining support thanks to government and media scaremongering.


it is just absurd to send him back to a country where he has no family and doesn't even speak the language, and to do it in such a heavy-handed way is totally unnecessary.


perhaps john reid should have consumed more of the cannabis found at his house before blundering ahead with this stupid notion...

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:evil: :twisted: this really is a rediculous situation - raiding Shetland for a man that hasn't caused anyone any trouble really - always appeared to enjoy his job at the Clickimin and was always happy and smiling whenever I saw him!!


Hope that this gets sorted with the right results!!




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Hello everybody and thanks for the incredible support.


It is making a massive difference to everyone, especially Satch's family and friends.


The good news is I have just spoken to him. He called me from Durham Prison tonight where he is now being held (how crazy is that - a maximum security prison) He is well enough in himself but he says the place is "rough" - as you can imagine.


I have been able to update him on ALL that's being going on and he is gobsmacked by what's happening up here and beyond and he and Utai his sister say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone concerned. Up until he spoke to me he had no idea of what was happening outside, so its obvious neither Govan or Durham have been passing on my messages to him. However he now has the use of a phone during the afternoons, so things should improve in that respect from now on. He may also be able to use the internet so keep the messages of support coming for him.


I will still be discussing the possiblity of legal action against the police, the immigration service and the home office with Sakchai's lawyer over the handling of the issues, especially yesterday when he was I believe denied even the most basic human rights, including access to a phone and is family.


Some more good news of a sort. It would appear he is possibly now going to remain at Durham until this is sorted out one way or the other, although we would prefer if he were to be moved somewhere perhaps more appropriate. However we have been able to get him a good lawyer (thanks yet again to our MP Alistair Carmichael) from Newcastle and the bill for this is being met locally on his behalf. Satch should see him later tonight or tomorrow and that will get the legal process underway.


It now appears that he has been served with a "notice of deportation" which is not quite as bad as a 'deportation notice' in that there is no real time limit for actual deportation on this. However if an actual deportation notice is served on him at any time in the very near future, he will only have five days to appeal before he is sent to Thailand. Lets hope we have been able to arrest that process at least.


It would seem by the way things are going re what our MP Alistair Carmichael is doing and all the great publicity that has so quickly surrounded this, that they would be unlikely to serve such a notice on him at this time. :)


Alistair has now got this issue at very high level in the appropriate government departments and has even raised a question in the 'house' over the methods, process and reasons used to remove Sakachi from Shetland - well done that man again.


They (he and hopefully the lawyer) are now going to look at raising 'letters of authority' for the Home Office to consider (not entirely sure what they are so best not to ask) which if successful could see Satch released in the meantime, while the wider issue is considered - so good news again there and fingers crossed.


That means we now have the legal, political and media / publcity issues, so critical at this time, well underway and hopefully bearing fruit.


I am in touch with Sky news re this and hopefully that would give this issue even wider publicity if successful. We have even been offered a direct line to Max Clifford - how good is that - which we might well take up at a later date when we know the full picture. Thanks to Kenny Johnson in Vidlin and his contacts for this


The local campaign has been fantastic so thanks to you all for that - its been so crucial to date so please keep it going, we cant afford to let up on this. The campaign is now flying under the banner 'Shetland for Sakchai' - the last change I promise you.


I would especially like to thank all the local and national media for their incredible support - Hans and Malcolm at Shetland News, John Johnstone and everyone at Radio Shetland and the Shetland Times for their great support and for printing us, free of charge, the great posters you will see going up around Shetland from tonight onward. Special thanks to Jonathan, Rhona, Brian and Stuart for this particular element.


Can we also acknowledge the terrific support from Shetland Islands Council made public earlier today.


Can I also thank all the guys and girls (Satchai's pals) who have been out with petitions today and everyone else who we know are on the same mission.


Everyone at the Clickimin Centre and beyond in SRT are also being terrific and are at the forefront of the drive to get him home - so thanks to James and his great team too. He knows you are right behind him.


And of course, and perhaps most of all, oour man in Westminster Alistair Carmichael MP.


And finally thanks to everyone else who has taken the time to phone personally and offer help and even money. We will be calling on this for sure once we know what we are actually fighting and the best way to do that. This may well take a few days, so lets be a bit patient in that respect and take time out to consider the best way to do this effectively and together. All your offers of individual help and money have been amazing and overwhelming, but I think we have stabilised things for now at least.


However I am concious that the campaign, and everyone actively involved in it to date, will most certainly need help over the coming days - maybe weeks and months - if the Minn case is anything to go by.


With this in view we will look at calling a public meeting sometime next week when we know better whats actually going on and then you can all get involved - when we know what we are actually fighting in the medium to longer term. This will also help keep the whole issue in the public eye. This is how you can be of most use to Sakchai, so watch this space and lets make sure we do not let up on what's been a sad, angry but amazing 24 hours so far.


Will keep you posted and thanks again to all........

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and just one more thin keep up the good work davie we are all so grateful for what your doing thank you


Cheers Jamie and to all who have said this, but in all honestly no thanks are needed. Who could have stood by and watch this happen when you feel you might be able to do something about it. The thanks really need to go to all those of you who responded so brilliantly.

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to Davie and all who are helping out- well done, everybody is making a great effort to help Sakchai, im sure it will make a difference. keep up the good work, we'll have him home in no time, keep the faith! cumon guys we can do it! oh, by the way, our government can kiss goodbye their next election win- it aint happening! Sakchai got taken away just yesterday, and see how quickly the public have responded- and see how many have responded. be warned, labour! you better sort this one out, or you wont hear the end of it. cant you do anything right?

get in touch if u can.

thinkin of u sachmo, luv Donna xxx

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Not in MY name, Dr. Reid!


I am a Scot, living in London.


I am appalled at this situation. As Sakchai is more Shetlander than Thai, has a steady job with very supportive employers -

and many friends within in the community - the very heavy-handed actions of the IND this morning make little sense.


As Sakchai has served his sentence for a first (rash) offence, I would have thought that the IND

would have been better to concentrate on the (many...) far more serious ex-offenders of uncertain immigration status.


To seize someone in this mob-handed fashion as if they were a fugitive from justice, shunt them in close custody around the country, and then incarcerate them in a maximum-security prison, all the while denying them access to their family and a lawyer, is utterly deplorable. It shames us all.


This smacks of box-ticking rather than prioritisation in the IND, who are clearly (and rightly) under the cosh at the moment.

Power must however be tempered with justice, and this case seems an affront to that. Their 'rush to action' has led to this aberration.


I hope that your campaign gains momentum swiftly - and secures a positive result for Sakchai, so that he can return home soon to his friends in Lerwick, and to playing his full part in your community once more - in peace.


(I also hope that those taking a less sympathetic stance via the BBC website will reflect upon their stern comments and be more forgiving. We ALL make mistakes in this life.)


I note that Sakchai's family live in London. If I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

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