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Money saving amatuer looking for top tips to cut costs


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I am looking to get advice and tips on saving money and cutting costs so that I can live better for less.


Any tip , no matter now small, would be really appreciated - whether it's around the home, travel , shopping, savings, banks debt or work - any area of life is relevant!


I am part of a group at the moment and we are thinking we might produce a free top tips guide so that even more people in shetland can spend less in their day to day lives.


ANY thoughts greatly appreciated!


Many thanks


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Buy most products online, avoid most shops in lerwick as they whack a huge increase on most prices.


Pathetic post that Shetland_boys.


Check out local prices first and compare them to online, a good few of the town shops have definately got their act together.


I've turned the storage heating off on 4 of the 5 heaters I have in the house, hopefully won't be switching them back on till Late October. Generally switch off all appliances in the house unless i'm using them.


If you have the space and time then growing your own veg is good.


If you have a car, park it up for the summer and get a bike or walk, with the cost of fuel just now that would be a huge saving, better still sell it and use public transport where possible.


If like me you have a gym membership then cancel it for the summer and utilise the great outdoors for your physical excercise, you'll also be able to work on that tan, so say cheerio to wasting a fortune on tanning products and expensive tanning beds, if your that way inclined :wink:


Bloody good idea for a thread, i'll be keeping an eye on this :wink:

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People can choose to pay the price of a sunbed, slating my business is a bit more pathetic dont u think


Excuse me, correct me if I'm wrong but is that not what you have done in your very first post on this thread?


Have to agree with Piddly on most his points. Quite a few of the town and country shops are competing now with the internet so it pays too shop around, especially locally!

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Guest Anonymous

Instead of using sunbeds throw a few dozen lifestyle teabags in the bath and have a long soak. not only do you save money but you reduce the risk of skin cancer massively.

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