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The kennels in Tingwall are fine, they feed and exercise the dogs. Its always a worry leaving pets. but the kennels are run by experienced dog loving people. speak to them at the kennels and go and have a look before hand , ask them if they need you to supply anything. as long as your dogs inoculated it will be fine. Im sure they will be only to happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

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I work occasionally at the kennels at gott farm.

Unless your dog is on a specialised diet then the food is provided by the kennels.

Kennel visits are welcome for people new to boarding their dog.

Just give Gwen a call on 01595 840815 to arrange a time to go along and have a look around.

An up to date inoculation certificate is required and must be produced when leaving your dog. If you fail to bring your certificate your dog will be refused boarding.

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Hi I would check carefully about food arrangements ,that you can supply your dog food if you feel happier .Some kennels only feed the dogs the same cheap food to make it easier for themselves unless dog are on a special diet.So all the dogs are fed the same food for speed and convinience not good approach in my opinion.

The problem with this is change over of food should be done gradually over a reasonable period of time so if your feeding a good quality food at home and then put dog in kennels on the food they supply some dogs may well experience tummy upsets as they not used to sudden change over of food.Also be careful what food the kennels feed, many kennels will feed and supply cheap dog food full of cereal and bulking agents causing dogs to poo more and is generally rubbish stuff.

So ask whether you could bring your supply food for your own dog good kennels will do this if they do not stock or have what your feeding your dog on or see what food they do offer like choice of brands most boarding kennels have in stock variety of different foods as they are aware not every dog even without a special need can be fed the same food without causing diarrohoea from the sudden change and dogs happier kept as far possible to same diet they used to having.

Also ask how often they are feeding different dogs have different feeding tiimes so some maybe once a day some twice a day etc and note should made of the food your dog is on,the amount and time visually displayed in the feeding preparation room and outside each indvidual dog knennel/run so the staff clearly know along with when each dog has been exercised indvidually and cleaned out etc.


Just ask plenty of questions until your satisfied your happy,enjoy your break.

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Gott kennels is a first class place for any dog , I know David robertson cared and loved for every dog that was there and always treated them as they were his own and i am now sure his daughter Gwen will do the same , There is no worries in putting a dog there , it will have a good holiday i am sure .

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