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Hotpoint Washing Machine Repair


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Now that 'Robertson and Peterson' are no longer with us, is there anyone on the isles who will attempt a repair of a Hotpoint Washing Machine? The drum inside ours stopped rotating during last night's wash. I guess it could be a simple belt problem but it might also be a motor or brushes malfunction. Is there anybody out there?




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Thank you. That's good to know. Made another attempt at a washing today and although the 'wash' cycle worked as normal, the machine just hung at the 'rinse' bit. I suspect this is probably a symptom of the end times but if not I'll give R and P a ring on Monday.




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Now that 'Robertson and Peterson' are no longer with us,


:shock: What's happened to them?


I'm suprised to hear they are still operating in anyway still, i found their customer service was a bit lacking last time i delt with them.


a case of seveir overcharging to move some electicail appliances.


the shop staff (like most shetland shops) was a hit or a miss on who you got depended on how good a service you got too.


i think Applience Rescue is your best bet now

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same thing happened to ours last night, an item of washing had jammed the drum causing the belt to come off.


Make sure the machine is unplugged. 2 screws on the back cover and remove the panel. depending on what model number the motor will be at the top or bottom of the machine. If the belts off, check for any damage eg snapped or badly worn, If it is you'll need to order a new one. The part number and belt length should be printed on the belt. If its ok put it back on to the motor spindle first then onto the right hand side of the pully wheel on the back of the drum and turn the wheel anti clock wise.You will also need to make sure the belt is on straight and inline with the pully wheel, if not the belt will come off again. Just keep turning it a few times and watch the motor spindle to see if the belt moves There isn't much space behind there to work so i normally take off the top cover too. This is a pretty easy diy fix and could save you the call out and repair charges if it is the problem.

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